Week of 2/13/18

Tip of the month is to always check for cracks in your tile and or grout in anything. Usually after 8 to 10 years the grout and or coping can get old and it is a good idea to get it replaced if this is a house you plan on staying in for a long time. Especially flagstone coping because it can take some wear and tear after a while. 

Week of 11/1/17

Alot of people might have the experience needed to do the work on your pool ,however, hiring someone without a license can prove to be a major headache. Always make sure the license covers the work that is being done. This will save you lot of time if something isn't to your liking. Furthermore, this week we would like to tell our readers about the importance of grout in your tile. Checking the grout job can tell you if the grout was placed with care or not. It should look smooth and it should have no holes in between the tiles. What I mean by that is, the grout should cover the entire line that seperates the two tiles. You should also check to see if the grout is not on the tile it self because every tile should be clean. Leaving grout on the face of the tile will make it look sloppy. So in conclusion the final product should look neat and clean. 

Week of 10/23/17

Travertine coping is another option for many people. They come in large slabs that are usually 12 x 24. Travertine is a form of limestone.Travertine looks like concrete slabs with a blend of color in some choices. They come in white, tan, cream, and even rustic styles. This kind of coping can get hot in the summer time so please be aware of that. 

Week of 10/16/17

This week we are excited to announce the beginning of our blog! For the first blog post we would like to discuss the importance of a smooth outer layer finish on flagstone coping. Coping is the outer layer of the pool connected with the deck. Sometimes the coping is the deck it self. When discussing a flagstone option for coping the edges of the flagstone should be grinded down by a hand held makita. Grinding with the makita will get rid of all the sharp edges and make it safe for family members to lean up against if desired. It is important to note that this part of coping only applies to flagstone. All other coping will come with smooth edges. So no need to bring up the grinding part with your tile and coping expert. Keep checking our blog with weekly advise on what details to look for when you are getting your pool tiled and or getting coping. Next week we will discuss the details in getting travertine coping. Make sure to subscribe and get updates on the latest in the tile and coping industry so you are better informed on the subject.